Accredited Investor Leads – 5 Ways to Increase Your Net Worth With Accredited Investor Leads

Here are five effective ways of better Accredited Investor Leads generation.  First and foremost, you need to build a solid connective network by sharing information and resources with like-minded enterprises to make exclusive, profitable partnerships. You can do this by putting in the effort to get referrals from people in your industry who have built successful businesses in the past. You can organize special events, reward your most valued customer/client, and even have existing partners locally refer new clients to you.

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Direct Sales & Marketing: Direct sales and marketing are great ways to attract motivated, qualified buyers. Most new businesses fail because they are not fully staffed with sales staff and marketing professionals. Many times, it’s hard to find the proper motivated, creative salesperson who truly believes in the company’s mission and product. John Fischer of VP Marketing for Accredited Investors says, “Even though direct sales and marketing are not something that comes naturally to most people when done right, they can be very profitable.” Consider the costs saved from not recruiting, training, and retaining full-time staff, plus the savings from cutting out travel and hotel expenses when outsourcing such efforts.

Referral Marketing: The next best thing to creating an Accredited Investor Leads system is to get the word out to your targeted market. One great way of doing that is by using your real estate investor contacts to spread the word about your services and website. Put together an article and submit it to newsletters, blogs, forums, etc. Another option is to use a submission service like FWDroid and get your articles published on various websites across the internet.

Direct Mail: One of the best ways to generate interest in your services and affiliate products is to send out your direct mail pieces. Most people love receiving free stuff. If you can provide this type of quality content in your Accredited Investor Leads, buyers may be more inclined to purchase after reviewing the material. If you decide to make an ad more interactive, consider including a form for visitors to fill out and submit their contact information.

Direct Mail can also include a message about your compensation plan, giving potential buyers some additional insight into how you earn your income. It’s also a good idea to put together a presentation using your professional speaking skills, letting your audience know why they should choose you over the other man and woman in the pool. You can also make your video testimonial or discuss how buyers can become a part of your network by visiting our website. You can make your list of satisfied customers or use a third-party website to collect customer information and get paid to sell Accredited Investor Leads.

Direct Mail is also of the most effective methods of getting exposure for yourself or your top affiliates are to go the direct mail route. Although you can send your marketing materials via the internet, it’s a less common method, and many real estate investors do not have the budget for such an endeavor. If you decide to go the traditional route with a brick-and-mortar business, look for discounted deals at your local post office or supermarket. For private placements, find a local real estate investment group to work alongside you to send your Accredited Investor Leads.

Gumball Machines: If you don’t mind playing with gum, why not buy one of those popular vending machines? They are great for collecting information from prospective buyers, especially those that have never bought property before. Some of the information they gather includes name, address, phone number, and email address. If you choose to go with an offline vending machine route, be sure to buy your gumballs at a well-known manufacturer like Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving-themed gumball store. You can also find smaller versions of these machines at department stores like Dollar General and Wal-Mart. Also, consider offering prizes like gift cards or certificates for private placements to encourage investors to sign up for your mailing list.

Offering Free Property Samples: One thing that often drives investors away from investments is the thought that they won’t receive a fair shake. This can often be avoided by offering free property samples to investors so that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are working with a traditional list provider, consider offering your first investors some free property samples to see if their interest is truly worth pursuing. If you are new to real estate investing, look into local investment groups to network with other investors. With the correct information and assistance, you can quickly increase your net worth with these simple methods. In no time at all, you will be able to raise your net worth with confidence.