The journey of the Carers Charter Kirklees. 

The Charter originated from a working group developed by North Kirklees in collaboration with Greater Huddersfield CCG, Kirklees Council and Carers Count chaired by a Carer Volunteer Fatima Khan-Shah. As the project developed we were supported by other Carers one of whom was Portia Roberts-Popham. 

After a prolonged and proactive engagement process with carers about creating a Carers Charter there
was a clear mandate from carers that a document full of wellmeaning words was not enough to make the Carers Charter meaningful. 

Many carers had been involved with charters before and wanted to develop something that would lead to real change.  As a result of this the group designed a charter which included a process for improvement (even the very best organisations need to continually improve). Organisations sign up to this to demonstrate their commitment to carers. The process is endorsed by carers.

Investors in Carers was developed as a direct consequence. This is an organisation, created, developed and delivered by carers. Investors in Carers will be responsible for supporting organisations
to become a part of the journey of enabling Kirklees to become a carer-friendly community.
Investors in Carers will now be responsible for the implementation of the Carers Charter. 

For more information or if you are interested in signing up to the Charter please contact:

Investors in Carers, Floor 4, Civic Centre 1, Huddersfield HD1 2NF
or alternatively by emailing: or